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Sri Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Avarampalayam, Coimbatore

Disciplinary Offences

Efforts of the development of student self-discipline are not only critical to a student’s growth as a learner, but are essential to maintain a school climate that encourages learning for all students. While every effort shall be made to assist each student in developing self-discipline, staff member shall respond appropriately to actions or situations that disrupt the learning process. The principal or the concerned staff shall have the authority to discipline student for sufficient reason.

Disciplinary measure may include warning, detention, suspension or expulsion of which parent shall be promptly notified by the Principal.

  • Arriving late to class.
  • Failing to comply with instructions of school personnel.
  • Engaging in forgery / plagiarism / cheating copying.
  • Stealing, sharing passwords, locker, combinations or pin number.
  • Leaving school premises without authorization.
  • Vandalizing school property or personal property while on school grounds
  • Fighting or fighting behaviors (for example, kicking, pushing, punching, tripping)
  • Making threats / engaging in harassing behaviours bulling, excessive teasing, cutting classes.
  • Disobeying authority / insubordination
  • Engaging in server or repeated vulgarity.
  • Violating the school behavior code repeatedly Selling of any item.
  • Refusing to co-operate in an investigation will be considered an admission of guilt.
  • Selling of any item.
  • Other offences as deemed appropriate by the disciplinarian

Class Punctuality & Attendance

  • Student are required to be punctual for classes and other official events of the school.
  • Student who arrive 10min late for their class shall be considered late and their attendance shall be marked in red. Those arriving 60min before the end of a day’s session shall be treated as having been absent for the day.
  • Student should obtain a minimum of 90% attendance.

Late attendance

Late comers will be checked at the gate and late entry will be made in the student’s hand book. For three late entries half day absent will be marked in the attendance.

Class etiquette

Student are advise not to bring valuable to the school while attending lesion as the school will not be liable for any loss or theft. No food & drinks are allowed to be consumed while the class is on.


The school will not be liable for any mishap, injury loss or damage suffered by responsible students during the duration of their course of study. Student are responsible for their belongings